View Full Version : Opera Coast update disponibil in App Store

12-16-2014, 10:16 PM

Opera Coast este versiunea pentru iPad a browserului Opera conceput pentru terminale mobile, iar versiunea 4.0 a fost lansata astazi pentru cei interesati. Dupa cum puteti vedea mai jos, vorbim despre o serie de schimbari majore pe care le ofera opera pentru iPad, aplicatia fiind disponibila gratuit in App Store.


Four (4) is an important number. It represents the seasons, the elements, and the amount of members in the Beatles.
Zero (0) is the amount of pies we have.

So, 4.0 is a pretty big update.

- Share instantly: Just one tap on your favorite social networks and out goes the content you find online to all of your friends. We now support Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Line, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, VKontakte & Odnoklassniki.
- Discover the web: Enter a world of news, sites, updates and more. Swipe left or right to browse through different trending articles.
- Browse fast with Opera Turbo: Enabled by default, Opera Turbo speeds up your browsing when youíre on a slow network. Opera Turbo compresses pages to use less data and automatically turns on when you roam out of your network.
- Switch from your iDevice to your Mac: Handoff pages and continue browsing on your Macís default browser. Handoff requires that Bluetooth 4 and are iCloud enabled on Mac OS X and iOS.
- Other updates: Landscape mode for iPhone 6 Plus

Use Opera Coast now! Did that convince you?