View Full Version : MacBook Air cu chip A9 pregatit de Apple ?

12-17-2014, 12:23 PM
Anul acesta Apple a lansat un chip A8X cu procesor triple-core si 2 GB RAM pentru iPad Air 2, iar pentru anul viitor unii se gandesc ca Apple ar putea lansa un chip A9 suficient de puternic pentru MacBook Air. Daca el va fi quad-core cu 4 gb RAM, atunci va fi, probabil, apropiat de performantele procesoarelor intel, dar acest lucru pare greu de crezut.

Apple is very likely to be on the brink of delivering an A9 processor. This would not be designed for the iPad Air 2 or 3, rather, it would be a desktop class, 64-bit quad-core processor with integrated Imagination Technology graphics, eliminating Intel from the MacBook Air lineup. There are a dozen or more major ramifications where Apple to make such a bold move with the fundamentals of their MacBook Airís processing heart. Chiefly, it would need to run some version of iOS, and not OS X Yosemite.