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12-17-2014, 08:49 PM
https://forum.idevice.ro/attachment.php?attachmentid=6191&stc=1Blackberry Classic este cel mai recent smartphone lansat de catre producatorul canadian Blackberry, terminalul avand clasica tastatura QWERTY si fiind desigur gandit in principal pentru oamenii de afaceri. Cu un ecran de 3.5 inch si rezolutie de 720 x 720 pixeli, produsul nu este anuntat ca unul care va atrage atentia unui numar mare de persoane, dar va fi cu siguranta in atentia celor interesati de un smartphone ieftin si sigur.

Three years late $449 BlackBerry Classic (about 285, AU$546) keeps BlackBerry's signature design, but relies on the fond memories of BlackBerry fans. You still get that great keyboard, and it even runs Android apps, but the 3.5-inch display is uncomfortably small in the age of the big-screen phones, and the awkward square aspect ratio hampers all activities except composing and editing text. Hardcore emailers who just can't deal with touchscreen typing may find enough of RIM's glory days here to give two thumbs up -- before giving those same digits a workout on this fantastic hard keyboard...