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  1. The battery and WiFi icons on my iPod aren't working.


    The battery on my iPod was getting low so I tried charging it. However, it would not charge on any of my chargers. So, I tried resetting it. Once reset, it showed there was not battery and it...
  2. Does the iPod Touch 5 need a computer to work or update or sync?


    I want to give my unused iPod Touch 5 to a friend who has an Ipad 4 but no computer...Can she use it or will she need a computer in order to set it up or update it or sync it with iTunes etc?...
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    iPod wont turn on or charge - DISREGARD


    My daughter stopped using her 6th generation iPod Touch about 6 months ago when I bought her a iPhone. It has been sitting on the counter and wasn't charged. We decided to give it to another...
  4. Do You Still Use an iPod And If So Which One?


    Yes I do and I mainly what I call Old Reliable the 5th Gen. iPod Nano for my road cycle riding and the new Nano Touch both 16GB around the house for odds and ends. What about you?

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