The battery on my iPod was getting low so I tried charging it. However, it would not charge on any of my chargers. So, I tried resetting it. Once reset, it showed there was not battery and it still did not appear to be charging. It has been hours and it still has not died after multiple resets. So it isn't really dead. After trying to get the battery fixed I realized that my WiFi had gone out. I tried going to settings to connect it but it wouldn't let me. So I pulled up the task bar thing and the WiFi button was all grayed out. I have tried resetting network settings but it didn't help. My iPod isn't totally updated but I can't update it without being connected to WiFi. Another problem is that my computer is a Chromebook so I don't think I can use iTunes to restore it. I don't have a phone so my iPod is my way of talking to people. If anyone could help me out as soon as possible that would be great?

Please help.

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